Building the worlds best masks since 1996

ProMask is committed to building the best high quality goaile masks in the world. Every mask is carefully designed and developed to provide you with the best experience possible. We do not build masks for stock. We build them for you.

Quality is our number one promise. All masks and parts are carefully tested in our in-house impact test center.

Can a better mask make a difference?

We believe so. We build masks that gives you an extra advantage with better sight, less noise and superb comfort.

Promask R&D team - thousands of goalies

Our masks are developed and made by goalies for goalies. In our R&D team we have some of the best NHL goalies in the world.

  • 3Dn™ 3 layer liner in different density for maximum impact absorbation.

  • RPM - Memory foam™ For personal fitting and comfort adjustment.

  • Xcore™ High absorbing pre-molded liner.

  • Xpad™ Impact absorbers in selected zones.